Jim Massoth

4_MG_6096Jim has over 35 Years recording experience and a client roster that reads like a who’s who of the Chicago music scene. He has recorded everything from solo piano to large ensembles, from commercial jingles to full production CD projects, and from Jazz to pop/rock and classical.

His satisfied clients include The Chicago Bears and Ed McCaskey, Goodyear, Herbalife, TLN Broadcasting, and many of Chicago’s jazz greats.


Client List…

Barnabas International
Ed McCaskey & The Chicago Bears
BluJazz Records
Chicago Jazz Magazine
TLN Broadcasting
Andy Baker
Bill Archer (Big Fun Band)
Bill Harrison (PlayJazzNow.com)
Bill Porter
Bill Sears (Arts Center Jazz Collective)
Bob Long
Brian Gephart
Bobby Schiff
Bobby Shew
Carol Kalvonjian (Artistrings)
Carole March & Joe Vito
Charlene Brooks
Chris Sarlas Orchestra
Chris White
Chuchito Valdes
Darwin Noguera
Dawn Harkins
Deane Myers
Dede Sampaio
Dee Alexander
Denise Tomasello
Deric Dyer
Dick Judson
Eldee Young
Eric Hochberg
Erin McDougald
Ernie Adams
Fareed Haque
Frank Calvagna
Frank Caruso
Gary Demichele
Ginger Tam
Grazyna Auguscik
The Green Mill Quartet
Henry Johnson
Hilary Ann Feldman
Huntley Brown
Jack Mack & The Heart Attack
Jeremy Khan
Jim Callen
Jim Gailloreto
Johnny Gabor
Jose Valdes
Judy Roberts
Kelly Sill
Ken Haebich
Kevin Cline
Kings Men Four
Language Stars
Larry Gray
Larry King
Larry Novak
Linda Clifford
Majka Jeżowska
Marie Alexandre
Mark Sonksen
Marlene Rosenberg
Marshall Vente
Martha Lorin
Maureen Christine
Megon McDonough
Melonie Collman
Michael Lerich
Mike Cunningham
Neal Alger
Neville York
Nick Schneider
Northern Illinois University Jazz Band
Otis Skillings
Peter Polzak’s ‘Big City Jazz’
Phil Brown (Southern Illinois University)
Professor John & His Band
Rich Daniels
Ron Bedal
Ron Harris
Ron Hawking
Rusty Jones
Ryszard Rynkowski
Shelly Yeollen
Spider Saloff
Steve Eisen
Steve Hashimoto
Steve Million
Steve Schneck
Tim Green
Tom Muellner
Tony Andriacchi
Triton College
Wendy Morgan
Zach Brock
Zvonimir Tot